Italian Sub Sandwiches

Italian Sub Sandwiches


For the Vinaigrette/Dressing

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

red wine vinegar, to taste

black pepper, to taste

Oregano and/or Italian seasoning, to taste


For the Filling

1/2 pound provolone or Swiss cheese

1 to 2 pounds sliced deli meat (ham, pepperoni, salami, pastrami, oven roasted turkey breast, etc)

Iceberg lettuce, finely shredded

Tomato, thinly sliced

Red onion, thinly sliced (soaked in cold water for 15-20 minutes and dried to cut back on the onion ‘bite’)

Optional: black olives, pickles, jalapeno peppers, etc


6-8 sub rolls or Italian or French bread


Place oil and vinegar in separate squeeze bottles (or other easy-to-dispense container). Squeeze some of the oil and vinegar into each roll. Layer the cheese, meats and veggies into each roll, squeeze more dressing onto the top of the sandwich. Sprinkle with pepper, oregano and/or Italian seasoning


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